Emma Thompson receiving a Mark Kermode award (x)

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I can’t be a wizard. I mean, I’m just Harry.

I can’t be a wizard. I mean, I’m just Harry.

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potcmeme: [7/9] characters

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"He [Philip Seymour Hoffman] is one of my best friends. Absolutely. He believed in me before most people in Hollywood did. I would not have been in ‘Doubt’ with him and Meryl if he didn’t vouch for me. I don’t want to give any names but people at the top, well, they didn’t think I had what it took. He said to them, ‘I will walk away from this project if you replace her. She can do this. She’s going to steal your breath and then run away with your heart. Don’t f—k this up.’ They didn’t can me. It opened up doors for me which is a reason to love him but I have many more."
- Amy Adams, 2009

"Amy has a rare talent I have not seen in years. I work with her whenever I can because you’re watching this person you admire in action but then the second you’re off set, you can grab a dinner with them because you know them personally. It is the best of both worlds. I’ve been lucky to share the screen with a lot of actors I like but she’s top five. I’m in the process of working on a big creative assignment and she’s going to be in it if I have my way (laughs) so watch out for that. I will consider my life wasted if we aren’t in a few dozen more movies together."
- Philip Seymour Hoffman, 2011

"I cannot lose my family."

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Minimalist Posters - Part 1